Sunday, October 16, 2011

EDT 619 Week 7 Blog Post Integrating Technology Performance Measures in the Classroom

Marla Baldwin
EDT 619
October 16, 2011

Integrating technology performance measures in the Classroom

6-8.CC. Communication and Collaboration—By the end of grade 8 each student will:

6-8.CC.3. Identify effective uses of technology to support communication with peers, family, or school personnel
I chose this measure because I have worked with students in a few ways that support the communication technology standard.
Skills addressed for this standard include a project that I worked with students along with an exceptional Social Studies Teacher. We focused on a project aimed at communicating with loved ones who are stationed overseas. From this idea, we created a secure Twitter account, a Yahoo account, and a Skype account.
Next we created a video exchange lesson where we communicated with middle school students in South Korea using the Microsoft Video software. Students were taught how to produce and edit videos as well as importing videos for communication with students in South Korea. This was a wonderful communication experience for the students and for us.
Another interesting communication system we adopted was called Parent link.  Parent link is a communication system that sends automated calls to parents and guardians informing them of everything that is happening at school. For instance, Parent link is used to notify parents when students are assigned a detention or when there are events going on at school.
I hope this gave you a snippet of how communication and collaboration through technology is being applied at Gerald R. Ford Middle School.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Making the Implicit Explicit Marmar EDT 619 Week 6 Blog Post

I really appreciate this blog. It describes what many of us wonder.  How are people being taught to utilize technology?  When you discussed the dialog and subsequent voice thread activity with the second grade class I thought back to my days as a preschool teacher. When I first started working as a preschool teacher, I had an epiphany,  Verbs that we take for granted (i.e. tying our shoes, going to the bathroom, brushing our teeth, putting things away in its proper place) did not happen automatically. We had to be taught to execute.  My favorite preschool was Montessori because children could practice until proficient in whatever skill they needed to master. Therefore, it is no surprise that technology skills need to be modeled as well. Skill mastery may take a few tries, but when a teacher patiently guides students of all ages to explore technology tools then executing the skills needed to carry out a task on the computer becomes second nature.

The only thing that I would contribute to the blog question is when one places the cursor on the icon Internet icon on newer models; a distribution of websites the user is currently exploring comes up.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Make Money Online in the Classroom

Make Money Online in the Classroom

October 17th, 2009 by · 7 Comments · Classroom Technology Ideas, Make Money Online

I applaud the teachers who have the forsight to young ones to make money online. I appreciate the comment “The genre of making money online allows us to provide students with real-world, relevant applications where we need to apply critical literacy”. Critical thinking skills are so important when teaching students how to develop business sense leading to earning cents.
In addition, I think that it is true that ” teachers, many of us are digital immigrants who need to learn about this culture that our students live and breath.” Although this may be a fact regarding teacher technology skills, teachers can use this challenge and turn it into an opportunity to model to students the need to never be afraid to try to accomplish goals and tasks especially since a literal pay off is one of the outcomes of taking on the challenge of transforming classroom blogs into entrepreneural opportunities.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Marla Baldwin EDT 619 Week 3 Blog

I currently do not have a home computer so I am relying on the computer lab on campus. However, I am in the process of purchasing a computer this week so if anyone has any suggestions on what I should get please let me know.

At Gerald R. Ford Middle School I have access to computers and to the ELMO machine. I have experience with robo calls and with online learning tools such as thinkfinity.
I am learning about clicker technology. I utilize a database for daily entries as well as maintain the KSSN website for Gerald R. Ford Middle School.

Administration is pushing for integrating technology into schools, however, the lack of qualified individuals to fulfill the role of teaching the integration of technology to staff and student,  inhibits the district from moving forward with the plan.

I am ever expanding my knowledge of technology and I enjoy discussing this topic with teachers. The motivation is to find out what they need and to keep this in mind as I complete my Masters In Educational Technology Degree program.

Yesterday I was talking to a veteran Social Studies teacher about technology. I wanted to get the teachers advice on how to improve my teaching skills and knowledge base. The teacher indicated that there is a need for qualified persons to fill the technology roles effectively. I appreciate this opportunity to be a part of the EDT 619 process because the information that I have learned thus far is so valuable for the students that I will teach. 

I feel that more time and more access to technology is vital for my progress as a technology teacher. Graduate School is affording me the opportunity to find out what is out there in the tech world and to go out and get it having professional development and student achievement as my aim.

I appreciate the structure of EDT 619. I want to develop skill to create websites that are interactive and cater to the needs of students in K12 classrooms.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011